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Thai massage

Thai massage is the massage in the area of body, head, shoulder, neck and back with a bag of heated medicinal herbs. This would stimulate a good circulation of blood, make you feel relaxed ad decrease the pains in shoulder and back because of hard work. There are both heavy and light massages.
The service charges are 400 , 690 and 990 Nok per 30 , 60 and 90 minutes

Package Deal 5 treatments  Nok 3100,-   (60 min)
Package deal 10 treatments Nok 5900,-  (60 min)

Body Scrub

A body scrub single-handedly removes dead skin cells, the top layer that looks dry, flaky and dull. It will also remove toxins that the skin does not allow to pass through, as well as dirt and oil. A scrub is made of up of refined, granulated particles that when rubbed against the skin will quickly remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Normal bathing will not provide this type of exfoliation which is needed for healthy skin.

The service charges are 790 and 1090 NOK per 60 and 90 minutes, respectively.​

Classic massage

Classic Massage is using a technique that combines both heavy and light press massaging all over the body to relieve tension in muscles and improve your excretory system. This massage is suitable for people who are exhausted from work and have no time to exercise.
The service charges are 400 , 690 and 990 Nok per 30 , 60 and 90 minutes

Package Deal  5 treatments 60 min.   Nok. 3000,-

Hot Stone Massage

In this massage, the hot stones are put on several spots of the body. The power from the hot stones and warm herbal oil will balance the circulation of blood and improve your excretory system. This massage is suitable for those who are tired from hard work, insufficient sleep, and suffered from abnormal excretory system.
The service charges are 790 and 1090 Nok per 60 and 90 minutes, respectively.

Facial Massage

Facial Massage is a complete facial care using a special-technique massage that stimulates the circulation of blood in the facial area, followed by facial exfoliation and treatment processusing quality herbal lotion, making you look fresh and younger because of tighter pores and healthy skin.

60 min. kr. 790,-
30 min. kr. 490.-

Aroma Therapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage for relaxing is a liquid made up of plants and various herbs that benefit and affect someone's mood or health. The way the aromatherapy massage oil is extracted is by gently heating plants and herbs. When the plants and herbs are gently heated the natural and essential oils and other beneficial properties are released. Massages are known to relieve tension and stress, relax the human body, soften the skin, improve blood circulation and improve breathing. With aromatherapy massage oil you can enhance the effects of a massage a significant amount.
The service charges are 400 , 690 and 990 Nok per 30 , 60 and 90 minutes

Package Deal  5 treatments    Nok  3100,-
Package Deal 10 treatments    Nok 5900,-

Foot Massage

Foot Massage is a finger pressure process (acupressure). In this process, the massagers massages at the area of ankle joint and sole to reflect this pressure to other organs. This will help you move your ankle more actively and activate nervous system, making you feel relaxed and decreasing tiredness.
The service charges are 450  per 30 min. 690 Nok per 60 minutes

Hand spa

Hand spa is the process in which your hands  are cleaned by soaking them into the spa salt or tea to reduce unpleasant smell. Then, your fingernails anddry skins around  hands will be exfoliated, trimmed, and massaged with lotion to make them smooth, moist and soft.
The service charges is 450 Nok per 40 minutes and 590 Nok per 60 minutes

Herbal Compressed Ball Massage / Nuad Luk pra kopp / Urtemassasje

Herbal-Compressed Ball Massage is a massage using oil and compressed ball made from several herbs mixed together, compressed into a ball and heated. The compressed ball is pressed along the body’s part such as arms, legs, back, and shoulders to stimulate blood circulation.

The service charges are 790  per 60 min and 990 Nok per 90  minutes

Sport Massage

Sport Massage is a massage suitable for those who have heavy exercises. The massage helps reduce muscle inflammation and injuries, adjust physical balance, and reduce tension and stiff feeling.

The service charges are , 690,- Nok per 60 minutes and 990,- Nok per 90 minutes

Package Deal 5 times 60 minutes NOK 3000,-

Foot Terapi Spa

Your feet are probably the most neglected part of your body. You walk in them every single day, and sometimes you notice how rough and callused they are. But this spa treatment will not only soften those rough feet (until you can't stop touching them), but it will also help you relax and sooth your tired feet as well.

690,- Nok per 65 minutes with color inkluded.
590,- Nok per 60 minutes witout color

Easy Pedykyr for sommertime etc 

450,- Nok per 40 minutes with color inkluded.


- Colouring of lashes ( 30min) 320, -
- Colouring and correction of eyebrows ( 45 min) 420, -
- Correction of eyebrows (20 min) 195, -
- Correction and color eyebrows + color flicks (60 min) 540, -
- Eye Treatment by color of lashes 200, -
- Overhead Lift including color (60 min) 850, -
- Salon Systems Lash Lift (lash lift) using lotions that are safe and gentle for lashes with immediate results that last 6-8 weeks

Microblading er permanent makeup på Bryn

Microblading  Konsultasjon    Kr. 0,-
Microblading  Første Gangen     Kr. 4000,-     Be om tilbud inkl påfylling og oppfølging  
Microblading Refill                      Kr. 1500,-
Microblading touch up                 Kr.  500,-

Head Massage

15 min Nok 250,-
30 min. Nok 400,-

Spa Team

Vi Skeddersyr Spa-pakker til par, vennelag, bursdager ol.
kreative løsninger etterbehov og ønsker hvor vi blander velvære med det sosiale. Kom gjene innom Langgata 2d så planlegger vi noe bra sammen. 


30 minutes Nok 450,-

Sone terapi


30 min Nok  450,-
60 min Nok  790,-

Yoga Medi

Mediyoga / Medecine Yoga

Package Deal 8  Times   kr. 1500,-

Signatur Massage

Four Season Spa Signatur Massasge

30 min. Nok 450,-
60 min Nok  790,-
90 min Nok 1090,-

Skin Care


Hudpleie Dyprens

Rens og Spesial- peeling med fjerning av talg, sorte prikker, hvite prikker og kviser  maske. 
45 min               kr. 790,-
45 min student  kr. 690

Hudpleie Klassisk

En Hudfornyende vitaliserende behandling som gir glød i hude. den består av rens, Peeling ekstrakt fra ampulle , massasje i ansiket, hals og nakke, og avsluttes med tilpasset ansiktsmaske Det brukes tilpassede Babor produkter i behandlingen. Vi gir råd og veiledning for oppfølgende produkter til behandling hjemme.

60 min kr. 890
90 min kr. 1090

Hudpleie Naturmedisinsk antiaging

Antiaging hudpleie 90 minutter hvor vi bruker eksklusive  Babor produkter i behandlingen , inkluderer ansikstsmassasje, rens, Peeling ampuller og masker, urtemedisin, og vitaminkur. Anbefaler dette som en pakke: men det er selvsagt også  bra resultater på enkeltbehandlinger.

90 min kr. 1350,-
pakke 5 ganger a 90 min kr. 6000

Vi har en del flere behandlinger som vi kan tilby hvor vi bruker Babor, Dr. Babor  Babor HSR.